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CEA-CC CFP 2015:
Disability Studies: Cultural Geographies without Hierarchy

The College English Association—Caribbean Chapter, a gathering of scholar-teachers in English, welcomes proposals for presentations (20-minute papers) for our annual conference which will be held at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez on 12-13 March 2015. The topic is Disability Studies. We welcome papers that investigate the cultural, social and political interactions of the humanities (arts, language and literature) and technology, as they relate to the conceptualizing Dis/Ability.
This conference looks at Horizontal Cultural Geography as an objective of Disability Study. Using a broad definition of “Ability,” this scholarly meeting will examine tracts from Literature, Linguistics, the Arts, Philosophy, and other Humanistic disciplines, investigating how writers and artists use aesthetics to construct meaning and conceptualize Dis/Abilities. In doing so, papers may examine the many social and economic, psychological and physiological, political and historical forces that influence, and sometimes constrain, our senses of Dis/Ability.
We welcome 100-word abstracts in all areas of Disability Studies, as individual papers or panels of 2-4 scholars. We offer the following possible topics to promote interdisciplinary perspectives and collaboration:
Independence, Rights, and Citizenship
Normalcy, Ability, and Diversity
Culture, Sports, Arts
Disability in the Global South
Dis/Ability Technologies
Crime, Abuse, Trauma
Politics and Politicking
Disability in diverse media and technology
Pedagogy and Digital Education
Trauma Studies
Institutional Hierarchies and disability
(Ab)Normalizing Literature, Art, and Thought
Forging New Realities Through Activism and Awareness
Mental Illness and Creativity
Please submit an abstract of up to 100 words in the body of an e-mail (not an attachment) by 30 September 2014, to: We are no longer receiving submissions. 
See: Information on the Conference Venue.

Conference presenters are required to become members of the Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association. Conference registration and lunch is included in the membership fee. For more information, please visit:

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