URGENT: Time and Effort Report (T&ER) Form 125B Due Date Approaching!

To all researcher pending the signing of their T&ER Form 125B:

Since the deadline is Saturday, March 15, 2014, we are extending the period until Monday, March 17.
Please pass by the R&D Center’s Administrator’s Office to sign the form. It is a critical compliance requirement.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Marisol Vera, PhD
Interim Director R&D Center

To UPRM researchers: Kuali Coeus (KC) Submission Deadline is Seven (7) Business Days Prior to Sponsor’s Submission Deadline!!!

Dear Researchers:

Please remember that Kuali Coeus (KC) submission deadline is 7 business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline*.  The R&DC ORE Staff is extremely dedicated and helpful, but consists currently of only two (2) people.  Thus we request your assistance and diligence to submit your proposals on time while complying with local and federal regulations.   Plan ahead!  The R&D Center will assist you as much as possible, but cannot do miracles!!

*The UPR Handbook of Policies and Procedures for Sponsored Programs (Page 15) in the link: http://acweb.upr.edu/vpit/researchd/pdf_docs/1%20UPR%20Handbook%20Policies%20Procedure%20Sponsored%20Programs.PDF” says: ...Final proposal should be received by the campus office of sponsored programs or its equivalent, no less than seven (7) business days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline. The UPR cannot guarantee the review and submission of proposals that do not meet this deadline.”

In addition, no UPRM researcher is allowed to submit formal pre-proposals, or proposals (including those where the role is as subawardee with other institutions) without the written consent/approval of UPRM’s officials (Directors, Deans and UPRM’s Authorized Official Representative (AOR)).   The R&D Center is requiring such approvals be gathered using the KC platform.

The R&D Center wants to serve you well.  Its KC Training Staff has offered more than 10 workshops to UPRM faculty and staff.    Based on that experience, a KC Help page was created which is accessible via the R&D Center’s web page link titled: Information and Users Guide to Kuali Coeus; or accessible via https://kuali.uprm.edu/help. It contains tutorials and a Q&A section.  In addition, an online Support Request ticketing system (upper right hand corner of the KC site at http://kuali.uprm.edu) is available to direct all service issues properly.  Please use these  KC Help resources prior to contacting the ORE staff. 


Marisol Vera, PhD – Interim R&DC Director

IMPORTANT: Seminar on “Grant Contracts and Legal Documents”- Thursday, Feb 20, 2014; 10:30 am at Celis-008

The R&D Center invites all UPRM researchers who frequently engage in contract agreements, memorandum of understanding (MOU), non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) or subawards with other universities to attend this seminar offered by Griselle Hernández, Esq (legal R&DC), and Beatriz Javier, Esq. (UPRM Legal Office) on Thursday, February 20, 2014; 10:30am – 12:00n, at Celis-008.  Please register the Center for Professional Enrichment (CEP).

Kuali Coeus Electronic Research Administration Training Workshop – Friday, February 7;1-4 pm; M-107

Dear researchers:

The R&D Center Kuali Coeus Staff will be offering an additional KC  Training Workshop next Friday, February 7, 2014 from 1:00- 4:00 pm at Monzón M-108.

Registration is required since space is limited.  For additional information, access the CEP web page at: http://cep.uprm.edu.


Marisol Vera

January 20, 2014: Kuali Coeus (KC) 5.1.1 is LIVE!

Dear UPRM Researchers and Administrators:

We are pleased to announce that Kuali Coeus (KC) 5.1.1 is LIVE! 

As of today, January 20th, 2014, the R&D Center will process all proposals and similar documents using this platform, thus completing the first phase of the full KC deployment, which includes the Proposal Development, Budget Document, and Routing features of KC 5.1.1.

The web access to KC 5.1.1 is:  https://kuali.uprm.edu. In addition, a KC-Help page page is also available at: https://kuali.uprm.edu/help.   In the near future, direct links within the R&D Center web page will be available for easier access.  A service ticketing system is also available directly from KC through the Support Request link to assist users in reporting any technical problem or question related to the KC platform.

We will continue working to add other KC pre-award features and post-award modules to facilitate research administration at UPRM for all users. 

As with any complex implementations, there may be issues to solve which will come up now.  Please be patient and willing to collaborate with us to surpass any of those possible inconveniences.  If we work as a team, the overall product will be better. 

I want to also thank the UPRM KC Team for their many additional hours of work without extra compensation to complete this first phase.   THANKS!  You are the best!

Marisol Vera, PhD
R&DC Interim Director and KC Project (PreAward) Project Manager

UPRM Announces Kuali Coeus (KC) Go LIVE plan and the new Proposal Documents Routing Process using KC

The UPRM KC Team announces its GO LIVE plan: 


o   Proposals with sponsor deadlines prior to February 1, 2014 will be processed as it is done at present, using the UPRM Proposal Transmittal and Approval Form (PTAF) in paper.  Contact the ORE Office to process your budget and transmittal form.


o   All proposals with deadlines of February 1, 2014 and beyond will be processed electronically using the KC Proposal Development and KC Budget modules, and the KC Routing & Approvals.


o   As of February 2014, all proposals processed by the R&D Center will be routed using the Kuali Coeus electronic routing and approval process.  

Refer to the new Document Routing Process using Kuali Coeus Guidelines for the development and submission of documents related to externally funded sponsored projects. 

NCURA’s YouTube Tuesdays: Forms of Cost Sharing

Kelly Morrison, Cost Share Officer from Northwestern University talks about Forms of Cost Sharing.

Report: Redundant federal programs waste billions

WASHINGTON — Redundant federal programs are leading to billions in waste, congressional auditors say, and the government is slow to adopt reforms to fix the problem.

The White House says President Obama recognizes the problem and will propose eliminating redundant programs in the budget plan he releases Wednesday.

Among the 31 areas of duplicative spending, spelled out in a report by the Government Accountability Office obtained by USA TODAY:

• Government agencies are spending billions on new mapping data — without checking whether some other government agency already has maps they could use.

• At least 23 different federal agencies run hundreds of programs to support renewable energy.

• Each branch of the armed services is developing its own camouflage uniforms without sharing them with other services.

The report, to be released (…usatoday/story)

Submission of Form 125A: Report for Facilitating Payroll Distribution for Summer 2013

To All University Community,

The R&D Center is expecting considerable amount of Forms 125A during the SUMMER 2013 period.  To guarantee compliance and on-time processing…(Full letter)

Walter F. Silva, Director

Special Note: April 18th workshop only will be offered at Physics 310 (F-310), not at R&D 123


To: All UPR-Mayaguez community

From: Dr. Walter F. Silva, Director

Dear Researcher:

This letters update you in the preparation of the R&D Center for the NSF visit during this month and Time and Effort reports.

The date for the visit of NSF personnel has been established from March 20 to 21, 2013.  We are expecting personnel from the Division of Institution and Award Support and Division of Grants and Agreements.  At the R&D Center we already have forms 125A and 125B from Fall Semester 2012-13 signed.  The 125A’s for Spring Semester are already collected too.

Summer 125A’s and 125B’s were prepared on-time.  NSF reviewed a sample from this period and did not send any specific comments on compliance issues from this sample.  On a conference call in December 20, 2012 the R&D Center answered NSF all questions with respect to the Summer 2012 sample.  Dr. Thomas Walsh, Director of Sponsored Research Office from University of Florida with experience in T&E reporting, witnessed this conversation and commented: 1. The teleconferences went outstandingly well, 2. Both teleconferences demonstrated a thorough command of the documentation and of the processes, 3. The NSF review team comes from a “two decimal place” culture and you met their standard.

Also, on the UPR Summer Effort Review from NSF, which is part of the letter dated February 1, 2013, NSF specifically mentions: “At the Mayaguez campus, summer 125A’s were prepared mostly at the beginning of June and the 125B’s were completed within 60 days after the summer period ended”. This is a clear statement of compliance according to OMB A21 J.10.c (2) and according to our own policies written in Circular R-1112-35 “Procedures for the Preparation and Submission of Time and Effort Reports” dated May 2012.

Even though these are positive comments, the R&D Center is reviewing details of the Corrective Action Plan corresponding to UPR-Mayaguez, improving our web-site and meeting with personnel from R&D, Human Resources, Finance and Payroll, among others, to be prepared for any request from NSF personnel. In addition, this week we will have Dr. Walsh and personnel from University of Florida visiting the R&D Center to check on our documentation and provide
advice for the NSF visit.

For you as researcher, I must insist that correct and timely preparation of Form 125A is extremely important to comply with the “After the Fact” method of Time and Effort Reporting.

We will start collecting 125A’s for Summer 2013 on April 1st and stop receiving on May 15, 2013, without extensions.  Circular R-1112-35 “Procedures for the Preparation and Submission of Time and Effort Reports” has been available at the R&D Center website since May 2012 (http://cid.uprm.edu/page.php?id=23) and at the website of the Vice-President for Research and Technology (http://acweb.upr.edu/vpit/researchd/policies.html#comp).  At these places
there are examples of how to fill up this form. I urge you to read this Circular and direct any question you might have to the R&D Center Blog.  I also refer you to my R&D Circular Letter N. 1, dated September 2012.

As always, we appreciate the cooperation of researchers, administrators and administrative personnel of all the dependencies of the UPR-Mayaguez Campus.


Dr. Walter F. Silva Araya

(R&D Center Circular Letter No. 2)

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