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Monday, November 22nd, 2010

You will be working in the groups you’ve been assigned to to prepare an online resource for the discussion of the topic of Online Sharing/Piracy. If you were present for the Monday, November 22 class, you know what group you’ve been assigned to. If you were absent, contact me ASAP, so I can assign you to a group. These are the groups:

  1. Companies
  2. Creators
  3. Consumers
  4. Governments
  5. Black Market

The Assignment:

  1. Gather at least 10-15 websites and/or articles that belong to members of your groups or advocate for their interests. Your goal is to represent as completely as possible the group in all its variety and interests.
  2. Prepare an online annotated bibliography which publishes links to all those resources:
  • List each site or article with full bibliographical citation in MLA format (how? follow this link), and a brief paragraph describing the site or summarizing the article.
  • I recommend a shared Google Document, which all the group members can edit, and which you can later publish online. Someone in each group must take the initiative to create it and share it with the rest. Share it with me too, while you’re at it, so I can provide feedback.
  • You can group the resources and articles as you see fit, or list them in alphabetical order.
  • This online resource must be completed before class by Monday, November 27.

Given the amount of work this assignment will require, I will cancel our class on Wednesday, November 24 to allow you the time to work and gather in groups or collaborate online.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any guidance or help.

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