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Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

How Content Creators Can Benefit From Piracy
Alok Kejriwal “How Content Creators Can Benefit From Piracy” Contentsutra. Ed. Staci D. Kramer. Nov 2, 2009. <>.

Every time I listen to my iPod, I remember Napster.
The record industry treated Napster like the Taliban of Piracy—they sued, fought and closed it down. But wasn’t Napster actually ‘iTunes’ way before iTunes really came on the scene?
What would have happened if the Music Labels—the Virgins, EMIs, etc., had gotten together and invested in Napster or just bought it outright and made it their industry ‘digital music’ distribution channel? A Sony (NYSE: SNE) ‘walkpod’—a la iPod—would have complemented the business: The music guys cranking out music, and the hardware guys making the stuff to play it on.

Internet Piracy Hurts Individuals Creators, Not Just “Industries,” Say The Entertainment Unions

“Copyright infringement on the Internet harms individual actors, directors, musicians, vocalists and writers. Sound recordings, movies and television programs are the unique artistic creations of the individual performers who make them and those same performers depend upon income from legitimate distribution networks to earn their livings and continue creating.

Android’s Serious Piracy Problem Costs Developers Big Money

Yarow, Jay. “Android’s Serious Piracy Problem Costs Developers Big Money” Business Insider. Aug. 2, 2010 <>.

Piracy of Android apps isn’t unique to Radiant. Peroutka says another Hexage game has 20,000 users but only 8,000 users are legit.

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