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Essay #3

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010


The goal of this assignment is to select an issue and take a position on the topic we’ve been discussing: online content sharing, piracy, copyright, etc. Your thesis is a statement that provides the answer to the question the issue raises and it provides a blueprint of your main arguments. Your arguments should be compelling to your readers so that it can persuade them of your point and it should incorporate at least three (3) secondary sources. Your audience will be your classmates and your professor.


  • This essay must be 2-3 pages in length (500-750 words), typed, double-spaced, with 1” margins, and in a conservative font.
  • You must have a title page with the following information: Your Name, Date, Course and Section Number, the Assignment (Essay #1), and the Title of Your Essay.
  • Under the final draft, include all the previous drafts and available prewriting. Place all these materials in a sturdy folder identified with your name, course and section number.
  • Refer to the Course Calendar for the deadline.


Your essay will be evaluated in the following areas, with areas 1-3 carrying most of the weight of the grade:

  • Assignment (fulfilling requirements, having a clear purpose, and telling a story),
  • Organization (clarity of point, thorough paragraphing, logical organization),
  • Development (detailed descriptions, effective characterization, and focused plot),
  • Sentence Structure, Word Choice, and Grammar (weaknesses will be identified in these areas, but they will not affect grade significantly unless they get in the way of understanding the essay).

An essay that satisfies all the requirements of the assignment with a clear sense of organization and adequate development earns a “C” in this class. An essay that achieves the goals at an above average level of proficiency, with only minor problems in one or two areas earns a “B.” The “A” is reserved for nearly flawless, elegant essays that excel in all the criteria described above. Essays that do not fulfill the minimum requirements for the assignment earn a “D.” Only essays that are not turned in, are plagiarized, or are not a serious effort to meet the assignment earn an “F” in this class.

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