Sep 29 2009


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A few announcements:

  1. The Assignments page in the blog has been updated and you have the details for both Essay #1 and Essay #2 (so you can start planning). Essay #1 is due on Tuesday, October 13.
  2. The reading for Tuesday, October 6 is available in the Course Documents site. Here’s a link.
  3. The Midterm Exam will be on Thursday, October 8.
  4. Bonus postings are available for the following films:
    1. Do the Right Thing
    2. Run Lola Run

To earn the bonus, you must post a 250-word analysis that makes a point about a scene (or group of scenes) using at least three cinematic elements of the film in an integrated fashion. In other words, how do at least three elements of film work together to achieve an effect?

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