Oct 14 2009

Continuity Plan

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Greetings, my esteemed students.

We are going through difficult times, particularly for the continuity of the work we are doing in class. It is less than ideal for us to not meet and continue building upon our knowledge and gained analytical skills. It is therefore important for us to continue thinking about our class material. For this reason, here are the following assignments and rescheduled work.

1. Essay #1 is due on Tuesday, October 20. If we meet in person, turn in a printed copy. If not, attach and e-mail me the file. Between now and the deadline, feel free to email me if you have any questions.

2. Watch Robert Rodriguez’s Indie classic “El Mariachi” and be prepared to discuss it in our next class in light of the Looking at Movies material and the Pribram chapter. This will serve as a review for the midterm exam.

The midterm exam will be on the class after next… Hopefully Thursday next week.

Best wishes on these difficult times.


PS You can find El Mariachi in UPR Google Video (video.upr.edu) or through the email you received when I shared it with you several weeks ago.

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