Dec 17 2009

End of Semester Survival Guide

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    • Film Journal Self Evaluation:

    1. Write a 1-paragraph self-evaluation of the non-essay work you’ve done this semester:
      1. Group presentations
      2. Blog postings
      3. Bonus opportunities taken
    2. Your criteria are the following:
      1. Did you fulfill the assignment?
      2. Did you do it on time?
      3. How would you rate the quality of your work done for each assignment?
    3. Give yourself a grade and e-mail me your assignment self-evaluation at:
    4. This is due the day of the exam.

    • Makeup Exam:
    • This is available only to those students I have already spoken to who have a conflict taking the exam on Saturday.
    • The exam will be in Residencia 3A, on Friday, Dec. 17 from 1:00-3:00 pm. Be there on time!

    Have a great end of semester and happy holidays!

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