Jan 09 2008


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You must create a blog in which you will post an analysis/reaction/interpretation of the film assigned for that week. Each posting will provide specific guidelines for your analysis, including necessary readings, length, and deadlines. You will be expected to visit one your classmates’ blogs and make comments on their postings at least once per week. Your blog will be evaluated with two criteria in mind: completion and quality.

Essay #1: Formal Analysis of an Indie Film

This assignment has several steps:

1. Select an indie film for your essay, get my approval (by sending me an e-mail), and view it.

2. Analyze the film in terms of formal elements: narrative, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, and acting. This may require abundant prewriting and re-viewing of the film.

3. Based on your analyses, formulate a thesis that can be supported by analyses of formal elements of the film. You can focus on an idea or a group of ideas expressed cinematically, an aspect of style, a pattern of use, an interpretation of a film, and so on.

4. Write your essay, supporting your points with your analyses of the elements of film. It is essential that your points integrate multiple elements of film in your analyses– that is, that you focus on the strategy, effect, purpose, etc of a given scene or group of scenes and that you show how several elements work together to achieve it.

5. Print out the final draft and turn it in during class on Tuesday, October 13.

The essay should be about 1000 words in length, 3-5 pages in MLA Format (typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font).

Essay #2

For this assignment, you have two choices:

1. Write an academic research paper on either an indie auteur, genre, trend, or otherwise related group of films. Your thesis must make a clear statement about the films you have chosen, and it must be supported by analyses of at least 3 films and appropriate secondary sources. The essay must be about 4-6 pages long (1000-1500 words) in MLA Format (typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font).

2. You may produce (individually or collaboratively) a 10-15 minute film and submit (individually) a 2-3 page (500-750 words) essay where you discuss your contribution and how your work is an engagement of the cinematic elements, theories, and auteurs and/or genres discussed in class.