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Blow Your Mind! Resevoir Dogs

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7:24 am
December 19, 2009

gabriela garcia


   I enjoyed this movie more than most of the ones we've seen so far because it is funny, complex, and well… probably because it's one of Tarantino's films. This is, not taking any credit away from the actors who truly made the movie stand out from most. The overall acting in the movie is outstanding, makes the audience feel what the director is trying to convey at the moment; whether it is pitty, anger, suspense or laughter… the acting has the audience “in the palm of their hands”.

    My favorite characters where Mr. White, Mr.Blonde and Mr.Pink. These characters, for me, made the whole movie just work since each of them provided an essential ingredient to the film's whole. Mr. White was the “good thief”, the one everybody can relate to, he seems to have some morals left and he is humame torewards the other characters. He is the one that is worst off because he gets killed be cause of his kindness and trust. Mr. Blonde plays such an important role by being the worst person imaginable. He is the embodyment of a killer-thief, maybe worse because he actually enjoyes the pain he causes by torturing and he doesn't even do it to get any information, just for “fun”. His only loyalty is to the mafia they work with.

     The character that really caught my attention was Mr. Pink because he seemed to make-up the sole funny aspect of the movie and yet we can clasify the whole movie as hilarious (just because of that ONE character). Another thing that caught my attention about this character, I didn't get from the movie, but from the class discussions. I noticed that in class everybody had an agreement in thet this actor (Steve Buscemi) has played very different roles throughout his career and that has no distinctive persona but as I watched the movie I disageed in such a way that it seems I might have a completely wrong idea about him. My perspective is that he has a vert distinct persona that is nervous (pacing, talking too much, etc), loud, misterious and well funny looking. Maybe I'm just too disctracted by his face that screams nervous and funny but well he was described as “calm and smart”? I mean… too differrent to even compare.

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