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Bonus Opportunity: Paranormal Activity
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4:35 pm
November 5, 2009

Leonardo Flores


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The independent film Paranormal Activity is being screened in Caribbean Cinemas at Western Plaza and elsewhere.

Watch this film and post a 250-word analysis of whatever aspect(s) you’re interested in to earn some bonus points for the course.

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11:44 am
November 17, 2009

Ann Marie


Post edited 3:45 pm – November 17, 2009 by Ann Marie

Paranormal Activity is a movie with well developed techniques used to create in the viewer a sense of anxiety and tension. Oren Peli made this indie movie a Hollywood effects movie. It also has a good cast that clearly fulfills the requirements of the characters, making them believable. The combination of these two elements leads this movie to achieve its goal as a horror movie. In addition the sounds fully develop the perfect environment for nervousness.

Now giving some examples of the special effects, that were really well created in the movie, we could definitely point out the part where Katie is grabbed by a foot and gets drag thru the floor. This part looks so real that it could not be imagine to be done in a low budget movie. It was so well produced that you could hardly notice something grabbing her leg. Another one is the footsteps on the floor with powder. The use of this kind of computer animation cost a lot of money, something they did not had.

In terms of acting Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, both debuting as actors in this movie, did a terrific job portraying a young couple that live in a suburban house which is hunted by a “demon”. Micah’s attitude was a bit playful and annoying. But this was really important because every horror movie needs to have something to lower the tension, and in may believe this was Micah’s purpose. And Katie demonstrated the great ability she has to shift characters, she can be good and funny but also she can be horrified.

Something really cool was the way they foreshadow the finale. First Katie stands up and looks a Micah for two whole hours, then the cracked picture and Micah’s face scratched. It was pretty obvious that something bad was going to happen to him. Another familiar image that we see thru the entire movie is that when Katie sleeps there is always a foot that is not covered by the sheets. So when she was grabbed it was obvious that the foot had something to do with it, and of course it was making allusive the comment that the death will come a pull your feet at night.

It is unbelievable what Peli did with 11,000 dollars. I cant imagine what he can do with a Hollywood budget.

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