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Living in Oblivion

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1:54 am
December 19, 2009

Ann Marie


This movie is divided into three sections, first Nick’s dream, second the main actress dream, and third the actual filming of the scene they both dreamed about. I will talk about the first part of this movie. One thing that got my attention was the use of color, we have black and white film making but also color.  This identifies reality by the black and white and the film with colors. This choice I thought was really strange since maybe it would be a little bit more understandable if this color were inverted.  The real life in colors since is how you see it every day, and the filming in black and white like if we were seeing it from the camera perspective. Another aspect of the movie was the sound that anticipates filming. Every time a filming was about to start a jingling sound makes us aware of it.

It is funny to see all the things that happen to and indie filmmaker while making a movie. I specify indie because it is almost impossible that in a Hollywood movie those things happen. They would probably never had a problem with sounds form the exteriors, that something very controlled, if they have to close an entire block they would do it. The boom mike falling into frame more than once in the same scene would never happen, if so the person will get fire immediately. Expired milk in set would also very improbable to happen since if so they could buy some more.

The movie maybe is about things that happened to DaCillo in a very frustrating attempt to make a film. It has funny to watch, yet I wouldn’t see it more than once.

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