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Paranormal activity bonus

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10:03 pm
December 19, 2009



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Paranormal Activity, an indie film, with a budget of under $15,000, was one of the sleeper hits of the year. its use of a camera as a point of view is what adds and creates a succesful sense of realistic horror, which makes the movie so frightening.

The camera purchased by Micha in the beggining of the film provides a first person view, which is the basis of the whole film (we view all the events through this camera), is what lends the film much realism. since the camera is not moving, always placed on a desk or on a table, it lets the viewer experience the unfolding events as though they were there. it also gives the film a documentary/authentic footage feel.

because of the camera usage and placement, the footage recorded during the night, were the demon appears is much more believable. the special effects used such as the closing doors, the footsteps appearing in the powder, the bedsheets moving while the demon is inside the bed, it appears authentic because of the cheap camera footage.

just like the Blair Witch Project before it (which used the same handheld camera technique), Paranormal Activity uses this technique to great effect. the scenes were Micha grabs the camera and  runs towards his desperate companion show the amature camera work, like blurry shots, shots pointing to the floor while he's runing, etc make it feel like its real live footage.

thanks to the succesful camera usage in Paranormal Activity, the horror comes not only from the demon's antics, but from the poorly, yet exposing footage of Micha's camera. the sense of reality is the most horrifying element of it all.

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