Aug 13 2009


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I smoked a Spike Lee joint

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8:51 pm
September 15, 2009

Guillermo Mejia


Not a bad movie. Not bad at all.

I figured it talk about general cinematographic aspects in the movie as a whole rather than deconstruct one particular scene or shot…since I saw it yesterday and I'm not donwloading it again. 

Right of the bat you notice the movie's in black and white, except for one scene…but let's hold on to that for later. Like I said, it's in black and white, and big deal, what does it mean? Well accourding to our textbook, Black and White film stock is a preferred medium in Indie Films, not only because of it's budgetary advantage, but because people have come to connect black and white films with gritty realism, and I believe that is true with this film, same as stranger than paradise. Ah! But what about that scene in color that appears in the movie, you know, the dancing scene. Well that probably serves as a break from the gritty realism in Nola's life. Perhaps it's the pfirst truelly happy moment she's had in a long time, completely pure and free of any sexual connotations.

Another observation about the cinematographic choices director Spike Lee made to help tell the story are the love scenes between Nola and Jamie. They are made up of close ups and slow actions that the actors take to augment the emotion of the scene. Bringing the camara in for a close up is used effectively by Spike Lee to give the scenes a more personal, intimate feeling, as opposed to Jamie's emotional opposite: Greer, who's love making scene is completely done with a still camara on a crane to use a lang shot while funny, quirky music plays. One might see it as the complete opposite of Jamie and Nola's interactions in bed.

2:01 am
December 19, 2009

gabriela garcia


I liked the way you analized the black-and-white aspect. I just thought black and white was because of the budget in indie films but it also does give it that rough reality feeling, doesn't it? very well put.

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