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6:23 pm
September 7, 2009



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The scene which im going to write about here is the one where the two sisters are speaking in Cynthia's house about meeting Graham.

At the start of the scene we see how Ana is curious about the things are placed on her sister's shelf. Now this is not for her, but for us, the public, to remember how these items are John's love trinkets, which she clearly placed for exhibition.

The real point to this scene is the shot where Ana and Cynthia are each placed in a different aspect; as Anna takes the background and Cynthia takes the foreground. Here it is interesting to see how these two people are represented by their environments, we see Cynthia in her wild and crazy room filled with artsy pictures, good looking guys and girls, red light filling the room, ext. on the other side of the shot we see Ana in the white outskirts of the living room as she reflects and tells her sister somewhat conservative thoughts and what nots.

What I find to be very interesting is the fact that the shot itself takes place inside Cynthia's house, now why is that important? Well you could say that if our house was our mind we could see the things in it and understand the person, well sure enough it can be done with the mise-en-scene of Cynthia's house. The outside is white, somewhat pure; conservative or accepted art, yet from the first glimpse of her room we understand more about her. The bedroom with no doors indicates that:  one she doesn’t have money for such a big door :-P . Also, it could be telling us that she is very open about her sexuality. Now what does this tells us about her? That she is rebelling against what she was brought up as, but she also retains things from this.

Ana feels ok in her sister's house and the only thing that separates them is the bedroom space or their very different sexual ideas.

These similarities are what make Cynthia grow as a person at the end of the movie; which if you notice, most of the sexual activities happen in her bedroom while the scene when they call off the affair happens in the white and pure atmosphere of her living room.

I think that this mise-en-scene tells us everything we need to know about these characters without the need for them to say anything and if you take the time to analyze you can realize that just like in a book, the background tells much about each character.

11:34 pm
December 18, 2009

gabriela garcia


umm yeah, it so strange how you just described exactly what I saw but in much much better words and also took it to another level. I mean, love trinkets? really? Well overall I think you got that scene to the last detail, very interesting.

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