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Gas, Arguments, Food, and Lodging

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2:07 pm
October 3, 2009



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The film “Gas, Food, Lodging” tells us the story about a family composed of three women and their relationship with men and with each other. It was interesting knowing that this movie was directed by a female director since we have only seen films directed by male directors. This change was very good, specifically for the kind of movie this was. A male director probably wouldn’t have captured the women’s point of view and emotions as well as Allison Anders did. Her directing with a pretty clever choice of sound throughout the film made watching it a unique experience.


The first time using sound in the movie is in the first scene, where we see the credits and hear kind of a mellow and western tune, giving us a sense of location even before the monologue of the protagonist begins. After the music stops, then the monologue begins, signifying the importance of the monologue without interruption. Throughout the movie this technique is constantly used. What the characters say is more important that having some background music behind them. We don’t hear any escalating music when the characters argue, but their tone conveys the mood of the whole scene (especially when Trudi and her mother argue). By their harsh voice tones we can feel each scene when they are together intensify and have more tension until the scene ends and we are left in silence. These arguments portray Nora as the caring mother and Trudi as the rebellious daughter.

8:20 am
December 19, 2009

gabriela garcia


I agree with you in the analysis of the importance of what the characters say and think over the normal mood music although I did notice some very annoying typical mood music in the cave sex scene. I don't like mood music in sex scenes since we saw “y Tu Mama Tambien”. Well anyway I just wanted to say that I appreciated that you noticed the fact that it was a woman director and the impact that has on a movie.

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