End of Semester Survival Guide

End of Semester Survival Guide

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Final Exam:
    1. Prepare for the final exam with the Final Exam Materials posted in the blog.
    2. Print out a copy for yourself of the Final Exam Materials and bring it the day of the exam. You may mark it up and annotate your printout as much as you like. You may not bring printouts of online resources, however.
    3. Remember that the exam will be on Monday, December 14 at 7:30 am in Monzón 301.
  2. Assignment Self Evaluation:
    1. Write a 1-paragraph self-evaluation of the (non-essay) work you’ve done this semester:
      1. Group presentations
      2. Blog postings
      3. Poems written
      4. Bonus opportunities taken
    2. Your criteria are the following:
      1. Did you fulfill the assignment?
      2. Did you do it on time?
      3. How would you rate the quality of your work done for each assignment?
    3. Give yourself a grade and e-mail me your assignment self-evaluation at: leonardo.flores@upr.edu.
    4. This is due the day of the exam.

Have a great end of semester and happy holidays!

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