Research Paper

Your graded Research Papers will be available in CH-323 (English Department) on Tuesday, May 19, 2009.

Final Exam Readings

Read the following works for the final exam:

  1. Loss Pequeño Glazier, “White-Faced Bromeliads in 20 Hectares.”
  2. Stephanie Strickland, “The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot.”

Supplementary Reading for Tuesday:



Out Loud!

Here’s a breakdown of the bonus points you can earn for attending and participating in Out Loud! These points will be applied to one of your essays and/or the final exam. You can earn a maximum of 0.3 bonus points—enough to turn an A- into an A.


Presentation or participation

Attendance & Posting

Gallery 0.2 0.1
Book club 0.2 0.1
Symposium 0.2 0.1

To earn your bonus, all you have to do is participate or attend the events listed and post a 50-100 word reaction or review in the forum. This posting is optional for those participating in the activities. Each activity should have its own posting and should clearly list the activity you are writing about in the subject line. Feel free to use the forum space to discuss anything about Out Loud!


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Annotated Bibliography

Please post your annotated Bibliography in the forum created for this purpose. Feel free to comment, suggest, share, and borrow sources from each other. We are a learning community, after all.

For ease of use, please mention your critical approach and the title of the primary work(s) in the subject line for your posting.

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Feminist Theory Resources

Here’s a good start:

Research Paper Assignment Sheet

Read the full description here: essay3

Schedule Updated

The schedule has been updated with primary readings (poetry). Secondary readings will be added over the weekend, but you already have a good idea about what we’ll be reading.


Schedule Updated and Something Sublime

The schedule has been updated all the way to your next essay (description will be available soon). It includes readings for Tuesday, which you can catch up with later, if need be.

On the subject of acquaintance rape aka date rape, here’s a classic 90′s song on the subject by a band named Sublime. Enjoy!
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Out Loud! Symposium

Here’s an opportunity to showcase some of the products of your academic labor in Advanced English class (from this or last semester). Visit the official blog at:

I hope you participate!

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