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Conference: “Sea Crossings: The Sea in Literature and Film”
The Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association (CEA-CC) is a part of the network of 20 affiliates that form the national College English Association (CEA), a professional organization of teacher-scholars founded in the United States in 1939. Primarily based on the island of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Chapter has promoted the study and research of the various fields that fall under the umbrella of “English” for over forty years. In addition to themes related to education, the conferences hosted by the CEA-CC have focused on themes related to literature and cultural studies. These scholarly meetings have successfully brought together academics from the Caribbean and throughout the world, providing a forum for many topics of interest and relevance to its members and to the region.  CEA-CC has published a sold-out collection of critical essays based on the spring conference of 2005, Transgression and Taboo, and a collection of essays based on the fall conference of 2006, Our Watery World; and it has also published the proceedings of the fall conference of 2005, Narrating the Past, through Cambridge Scholars.      

Executive Board
Odette Ortiz, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Immediate Past-President

Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, Dr. Jane Alberdeston
University of California, Riverside, Rubén Mendoza
UPRA, Dr. Geissa Torres
Private Universities, Dr. Carol Moe
For the Arts, Dr. Laura Bravo
University of Massachusetts, Alvilda Sophia Anaya
Lynnette Cintrón

Ricia Anne Chansky and Eric D. Lamore, Conference Co-coordinators 2011

Jane Alberdeston and Denise López



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