Potential Conference Theme/Title:

Disability Studies
Multicultural Modernism
Moving Border Studies
Science Fiction
Sacred practices (Santeria, Voodoo, spirituality)
Cultural Sovereignties (and Minoritizations)
Loci of Creativity
The Sublime
Altered States
Trauma, Suffering and Ritualization
Economics, Art and the Value of Culture

4 Responses to Forum

  1. Nandita Batra says:

    Language Speaks Us (ok)

    Multicultural Modernism (very limiting; traditionally CEA-CC topics do not have a ‘period’ focus, thus being inclusive rather than exclusive)

    Moving Border Studies ok
    Science Fiction yes
    Disability Studies yes yes
    Nontraditional practices (Santeria, voodoo, spirituality) (ok, but the term itself is highly pejorative; non-traditional implies a centre. One man’s orthodoxy is another man’s non-tradition. “The Sacred” would be more appropriate with “non-traditional” as a descriptor rather than in the title.

    Cultural Sovereignties (and Minoritizations) ok.
    Loci of Creativity ok
    The Sublime ok

  2. Elsa says:

    We don’t want to repeat conference titles too soon. The 2010 conference was called
    “Boundaries and Bridges: English Studies in the Borderlands.”

    Perhaps we can also add Trauma with the Suffering and Ritualization one.

  3. Maria Isabel says:

    The following are the topics I like, in order of preference:

    Disability Studies (three star topic)
    Science Fiction
    Language Speaks Us

  4. Odette says:

    The following are my choices, in order of preference:

    Disability Studies
    Science Fiction