Past Conferences

2014 Conference Language Speaks Us
2013 Program and Highlights
2013 Conference Technology and the Humanities
2013 Program and Highlights

2012 Conference On Exile and its Variations
2012 Program and Highlights
2011 Conference Popular Culture in the Caribbean and the Caribbean in Popular Culture
2011 Program and Highlights

2010 Conference Boundaries and Bridges: English Studies in the Borderlands
2009 Conference Art and the Artist in Society
2008 Conference Writing Race
2007 Spring Conference Of Mice and Men: Animals in Human Perception
2006 Fall Conference Our Watery World: Humans and the Sea
2006 Spring Conference Secrets and Lies
2005 Fall Conference Narrating the Past: (Re)Constructing Memory, (Re)Negotiating History
2005 Spring Conference Transgression and Taboo
2004 Fall Conference East and West/Orientalism and Occidentalism
2004 Spring Conference Critical Theory and the Classroom
2003 Fall Conference Representation of Mourning and Loss
2003 Spring Conference Travel Narratives

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