Try the New LikeThis Search Tool Available Through eRA Commons

Principal Investigators, have you ever wanted to see what NIH has awarded in your area of interest? Would you like to find out which study section reviews the applications similar to the ones you are proposing?

If so, we encourage you to explore LikeThis (beta), a new search tool linked to the eRA Commons! You can enter a scientific abstract or access your own applications or grants and then click on LikeThis to get a listing of similar grants and/or publications.

No need to worry about your proposed research strategy being seen by others.  The LikeThis beta version requires a Commons login, so any information you enter is confidential.

After you log into Commons, you will find the link along the right side of the home page at the bottom of the Additional Links section.

Here are some helpful resources — an Overview, a User Guide and FAQs to navigate LikeThis.

So go ahead and use the LikeThis tool and send us your feedback or questions to the LikeThis mailbox.

By: Joe Schumaker, eRA Communications, Division of Communications and Outreach, NIH Office of Extramural Research

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