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New Method for Uploading Files for Postings

Contributors rejoice! The image and file space limitation is over. Thanks to our new ETC Webmaster, Javier, we have a new system to upload images and files so we can add them to our postings.

Here’s the procedure to upload the files onto the server:

  1. Click on the "Upload Files" Page on the top of the blog.
  2. Click on the "Browse" button to select a file from your computer.
  3. Enter the password: "english"
  4. Click "Upload." The file should appear in the list below.

To insert the file and/or image into your posting:

  1. Right click on the link to the file and select "Copy Link Location" from the list.
  2. Log in to WordPress in the blog to write a posting.
  3. Wherever you’d like to place the image or a link to the file, click on the icon for "Insert Image" or "Insert Media" (in the case of a file).
  4. Right click into the space where you’re asked for a URL and select "paste."
  5. Click OK and it’s done!

In the case of an image, you may either specify a size in the window before clicking OK, or manually reduce it by grabbing it by a corner and pulling it to the new size.

That’s it.

p.s. We haven’t yet given the option to delete files, so please be sure you’re uploading the right file or that you’re not uploading sensitive information. You can always contact the ETC to have the file deleted.

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  • ETC Printer Update and Policies

    The ETC printer has been installed in the English Department and is available in a limited manner, for the time being.

    This means that while it is currently not available through the network, you can bring the file in a Flash drive or memory stick to Nannette or other work-study or ETC staff in the English Department and they can print it out for you. It will be available during the hours the English Department is open, and while the workstation is staffed. Daly doesn’t have access to the printer at this time.

    Given the heavy usage this limited resource received during its time in the ETC, the use of the printer will be limited to 100 pages per Faculty member and 50 per Teaching Assistant, until the end of the semester. We are no longer be able to print student papers.

    I will keep you all posted with developments on the printer situation. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

    Leo Flores

    ETC Coordinator

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  • ETC Printer is Offline

    The ETC Printer is currently offline. We will be installing a new print server in the English Department this week and it will be available after Spring break. Please make alternate plans for printing this week.

    Stay posted for new printing instructions in the ETC and English Department blogs.

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  • If you are having increasing numbers of problems with files generated by Microsoft Office 2007, in the new docx format, which isn’t compatible with Office 2003 for Windows or Office 2004 for Mac, then here are some solutions for the problem.

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  • The ETC Guide to the English Department Blog

    The English Department Blog is officially open for posting and visiting. This posting will provide a brief tour of some useful features in the Blog that will help you access and navigate the blog postings most relevant to you.

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  • New Print Server

    The ETC has installed a new print server, which should provide more compatibility, greater stability, and therefore fewer problems with printing. We preserved the same names, so the instructions for printing are the same as provided in the ETC printer page. Even though the settings have not changed, you may still need to “reconnect” to the server. So here are the instructions:

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  • ETC Wireless Service

    The ETC installed a wireless network within the English Department and Seminar Room, and is available now exclusively for faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants. Unfortunately this is a small capacity router, so we cannot extend its use to students. To get the password, contact Betsy, Gayle, Cathy Jorge, or Leo.

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  • New Multimedia Classrooms

    The ETC team has installed computers in the classrooms with projectors: 324, 318, 319, and soon 005. These computers are up to date with Windows XP, Antivirus Software, and Office 2007, as well as Firefox (the browser I recommend for maximum compatibility in the Web). These computers are equipped with good speakers, and will soon be able to simultaneously project in its monitor and in the projector. In the meantime, you will have to manually switch from one to the other. There are instructions on or next to the computers. In order to access these computers, you need to login as “faculty,” and the password can be provided by Betsy, Gayle, Cathy Jorge, or Leo.

    You will have access to the computer as administrators, which means you can download and install whatever programs you need. I do urge you to be judicious in the installation of software that can be aggressive in its use of the system, such as Messenger and other chat programs. We don’t want to burden other users with closing windows and applications that open automatically when they’re trying to get their presentations and/or classes started up. In the course of your classes, especially when there are presentations, you may also need to have students download presentations onto the computer or you may copy your own onto the desktop. This is fine and necessary, but clean up after yourself–that is, delete everything in order to leave a clean, uncluttered desktop on the computers. Do not use these computers for storage of important data. The ETC staff will be doing routine maintenance on these computers from time to time, which means we will be deleting files and uninstalling aggressive or undesirable applications.

    As with any new equipment and setup, there may be glitches, questions, or troubleshooting to be done. Don’t hesitate to contact the ETC staff or myself for help, or at least report the problem (by e-mail or in person) so we can address the issue as soon as we can.


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  • English Department Website

    Now that the audiovisual hard times are over and we have two new techies in our staff, the ETC has been directing its attention to the English Department Web site ( http://www.uprm.edu/english/index.html). Our work plan is divided into three phases, described below:

    Phase 1: Update information and correct inaccuracies (and yes, we’re looking for an image for the front page).
    Phase 2: Update the site’s stylesheet and begin to add content.
    Phase 3: Redesign the Web site to expand its services, make it easier to update, and improve the interface.

    We are completing Phase 1 and beginning Phase 2, for which I will need your help with the following:
    1. Check out the page we’ve created for you with your office hours and other information: http://www.uprm.edu/english/facul.html. E-mail us ( etc@uprm.edu) with any corrections, revisions, suggestions, or additional information, such as a link to your own Web page. This page will be maintained by the English Department on a semester-by-semester basis to provide official information on its faculty.
    2. The information for TAs and Part-Time faculty will be provided in a single page, for ease of updating, particularly since the composition may vary significantly from semester to semester. Please check what has been entered for you and provide us with links to a personal Web site you may wish to refer your students to. Here’s the link: http://www.uprm.edu/english/parttime_assitant.html
    3. Those of you who run organizations or other initiatives related to the English Department (such as the Writing Center, Pastiche, the Film Certificate, and others) please e
    -mail us (etc@uprm.edu) the following information so we can design a page for you: description, mission statement, hours of operation, images, public files, and so on– whatever’s relevant. We can also meet and really work on tweaking the page so it can better meet your needs and represents your group well.
    4. One of the goals for phase 3 is to create a page for each department committee, which would provide information on its membership, functions, and documentation, such as yearly reports, officially approved minutes, agendas, forms, announcements, and other non-confidential information that would be useful for the populations it serves. I request all committees to discuss what information they would like to present in a page and contact me ( flores@uprm.edu) with whatever information is relevant for the page. I would be happy to attend your committee meetings and discuss this matter in more detail.

    We will appreciate your prompt help with this matter.

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  • Welcome to the ETC Blog

    Greetings English Department and welcome to the ETC Blog.

    This Web page and blog will serve several functions:

    • To provide information, policies, procedures, and technical assistance on the equipment and facilities managed by the ETC.
    • To provide up-to-date information on the status of English Department technology matters.
    • It will be a pilot and example for a new tool available to committees, sectors, and other English Department groups to have a useful Web site to do their work and publish it to the Department and University.

    I welcome comments, suggestions, and other feedback via e-mail, in person, or using the comment tool at the end of each posting and page in this blog.


    Leonardo Flores

    ETC Coordinator

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  • ETC Staff

    • Prof. Leonardo Flores
    • Luis Alberto Cruz
    Graduate Assistants
    • Blanca Doreste
    Technology Assistants
    • Edward Pagan
    • Javier Gomez

    Contact Information

    Hours of operation:
    • Monday to Friday
    • 7:30-4:30
    E-mail: ETC e-mail
    Coordinator e-mail