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Associate Professor of English at UPRM Fulbright Scholar in Digital Culture at UiB

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Leonardo Flores

Born in Bella Vista Hospital in Mayagüez on November 5, 1970, courtesy of Leonardo Flores Flores and María Nelsie Feliciano. Soon followed by Luis Carlos and Mari Nelsie Flores, we grew up in a farm on the shores of the Casey river in Las Marías. A few years, travels, and degrees later, I was happily joined by Kara Annette Fore in 2003. And on June 6, 2007 we begat Olivia Calliope Flores Fore, who inspires us to this day.

Homepage: http://blogs.uprm.edu/flores/

Jabber/GTalk: flores

Goodbye World

This is not a suicide note! :-)

The time has come to say farewell to this blog, my homepage for the past 6 years.

Fortunately, this ending leads to a new beginning in my new blog: leonardoflores.net.

For a brief narrative of the goals, design, and purpose for this blog, including reasons for ending it, read “Hello World 2.0.”

Even though this blog’s entries live on in the new blog, this space will remain as an archive, frozen in time for however long Edublogs is maintained and as long as it doesn’t pose a security risk.

Thank you for visiting!

My Own Course Blog Network

I have launched a self-hosted WordPress multi-site network for my course blogs. Read the Hello World for details.

My 2012-2013 Fulbright Year: A Retrospect

A documentation of my experience and accomplishments as a Fulbright Scholar in Digital Culture at University of Bergen.

Here’s the link.


MLA 2014: Electronic Literature after Flash

I will be attending my first MLA convention in style, presenting on a panel led by Mark Sample and speaking with a distinguished panel of e-lit and DH scholars.

Here’s a link to the accepted proposal and here’s another to my presentation titled “Liberating Flash: The Case of Remixworx and Dreaming Methods.”


Río Grande Review: Double Fall 2012- Spring 2013 Issues

Here’s a link to the Río Grande Review Electronic Literature Dossier, which I guest edited with Scott Rettberg, and Juan Pablo Plata.

This dossier is collection of previously unpublished e-lit, with editorial statements, and an essay I wrote on Ana María Uribe.

IDHDU: Curating and Preserving Electronic Literature report is online

Read about my fellowship in the NEH funded Institute of Digital Humanities at Denver University (IDHDU) in their website, including a beautifully produced video about my interest and passion for electronic literature.

Recent Developments in I ♥ E-Poetry

I have three announcements concerning my scholarly blog:

  • I ♥ E-Poetry was the 1st runner up in the 2012 DH Awards in the “Best DH Blog, Article, or Short Publication” category.
  • I am happy to announce that I ♥ E-Poetry now has an advisory board, consisting of three prestigious members of the electronic literature community: Kathi Inman Berens, Alan Bigelow, and Mark Marino.
  • I have added Google Custom Search functionality to the blog, so readers can explore the growing database further.

Share and enjoy!

I ♥ E-Poetry Nominated for 2012 DH Awards

I am happy to announce that this blog has been nominated for a 2012 DH Award in the “Best DH blog, article, or short publication” category. This is already a great honor: in addition to being nominated by my peers, the nominations were vetted and selected by a committee for inclusion in the ballot.

Now it is up to you to support the blog’s nomination with your vote– just click on the title of the posting above to go to the voting page. You’ll have to enter your name and e-mail, which will only be used to ensure authenticity and avoid multiple votes from a single person. The ballots will remain open until February 17, 2013.

I have also created an “About” page for this blog, included below:

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Recent presentations in Prezi

I have been using Prezi recently for my presentations and thought I’d share a link to them, for those interested in different ways of using this tool.

“Authorial Scholarship 2.0: Tracing the Creative Process in Online Communities”

My contribution to the ELMCIP: Remediating the Social conference has been published in the conference proceedings. A PDF of the publication is now available online at http://www.elmcip.net/story/remediating-social-e-book-released. To even get to participate at this highly selective conference is an honor, because it went thorough peer-review process. My final revision was submitted in June 2012.

You can also see my presentation here: ELMCIP Remediating the Social Conference, Panel 6.

And here’s the Prezi I used for the talk, which includes a video of Asteroids and of three early unpublished drafts of Jim Andrews’ videogame poem “Arteroids.”

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