Love Poems: Interpretation and Strategies

For the next class you need to write at least two paragraphs on one of the following poems:

  • W. H. AUDEN , [Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone] 16
  • ANDREW MARVELL , The Deļ¬nition of Love 17
  • ANNE BRADSTREET , To My Dear and Loving Husband 18
  • WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE , [Let me not to the marriage of
  • true minds] 19
  • ALAN BOLD , A Special Theory of Relativity 19
  • SHARON OLDS , Last Night 20
  • STEPHEN DUNN , After Making Love 21
  • DENISE LEVERTOV , Wedding-Ring 22
  • MARY , LADY CHUDLEIGH , To the Ladies 22
  • W. B. Y EATS , A Last Confession 23
  • L I -YOUNG LEE , Persimmons 24

One paragraph should be about your interpretation of the poem– what you think the poet is expressing in all its complexity. The second should be on the strategies employed by the poet to achieve that expression on his/her readers.

Post this in the wall of our Facebook Group before class on Friday.


p.s. Brownie point opportunity: search for the poems online and post the links as comments on this posting.

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