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So, my lab partner and I have spent the week working on lab 6. We’ve got all the source codes written, all thats left now is to fix the errors, and boy are there a lot of errors. This is going to take us a while but we won’t give up. I still don’t know what I got on the midterm but hopefully it is higher than the first one. This week we started chapter 8, so far, so good, its turning out to be a bit more interesting than the other chapters we’ve taken so far. I hope my lab partner and I can finish the lab today, we’ve got a lot of work to do on the weekend. We’re also thinking of starting the final lab next week as well, I don’t know, depending on how much we have.

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Midterm 2

Well that midterm was… fun. I don’t know I studied a lot so I hope for the best. But it was harder than I’d thought it would be. Anyways I’m gonna start working on next weeks lab with my partner today and see how much we can accomplish.

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Arrays and midterm2

Been a while since I’ve posted, spent most of my time studying for the midterm tomorrow. Hopefully all my studying will pay off. Im not finished studying for today but I thought I should post something before I forget. Yesterday we continued with chapter 7, which is about arrays. So far, what we’ve learned about arrays seem fun. I hope that I find it easy when implementing them into a source code. Haven’t started working on the next lab yet, since I’ve been more focused with studying for the midterm. But after the midterm is done thats all I’m going to try and wok on, Lab 6. Well I better get back to studying, before my 5 minute break turns into a 30 minute break.

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Just finished studying for the second midterm. Spent almost all morning studying for it. Let’s hope I can pass this one. Still gonna work on the quizzes, cuz they are also good practice. Other than that have a great super long weekend!

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Programming errors

I feel like this picture describes most beginner programmers, i.e me, when working with errors on our programs. So I’m just gonna leave this here…

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Still working on the lab problems with my lab partner. Managed to get 4 of them running, though we’re still having issues with the last one, the probability game. It’s kind of frustrating and hard to understand, but we’re going to keep trying! Better to have something than nothing at all. This will probably take us all day, thankfully we only have one class today. Leaves us plenty of time working on the problem. This is probably the hardest problem we’ve had to do… for now at least.

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Working on labs

So most of this weekend has been spent working on the problems on lab 5, with my lab partner. Of course, we’ve also worked on other assignments that we have for our other classes, but we tried to make the lab a top priority. Most of them are already done, just a few adjustments have to be made. The last one is a different story, just trying to figure out what it is that they’re asking for is tiring. But we’ll try our best. We’ll read it over and over until we can at least come up with what algorithms we could use. That last problem is sort of like a game, you have to figure out who will win and who will lose, but we gotta make different algorithms so at least once, each of the characters has won the game. So much for having a relaxing long weekend. But next week is Holy Week, that looks promising!

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Funny Picture

So I found this picture that I found to be quite funny. At least it’s how I feel when I’m working on the labs. I, as well as all programmers, do not like to be disturbed when working on programs, especially with our lab problems. Other wise we lose focus.

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First Post

So, first post for the blog in COMP 3010, quite late, but better late than never. This week we went through chapter six of the Walter Savitch book. Mostly reviewing inputs and outputs, but we also learned how to work with files. We also learned a few new include directives like #include <cstdlib> among others. We still haven’t finished the chapter but so far it’s coming along well.


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