Weekend Design Challenge (Student Photo Journal)

This post is a summary from the point of view of the students of what happened in the Weekend Design Challenge, part of the New Venture Design Experience.  Student Sergio Marrero, an avid photographer and Idea Platform member, volunteer to document his journey during the Weekend Design Challenge in the photo Journal that follows.



 Weekend Design Challenge Photo Journal:

This is the first time I get to chat with the people I will be working with for the rest of the weekend. We get to know each other better as we work together in the observation workshop.

 It’s time to get out of the building. We’re on our way to make some interviews and acquire data, though we’re not quite sure what we’ll get out of it.


We have finished making interviews. It is now time to discuss our findings and start finding meaning to all of this.

We get a first view of the materials we’ll be working with throughout the weekend. We still don’t really know what we will do with them, though.



There are patterns hidden inside the data we’ve gathered. To find it, we must arrange the facts in groups until something pops up.



It is certainly not an easy task. We are now beginning to understand that teamwork is essential in order to find what it is we are looking for.


 After countless arrangements and wasted post-its, we finally have it. Everything is slowly starting to come together now and the design challenge is taking up concrete form.


 In spite of the wonderful time we’ve been having here at the Weekend Design Challenge, hunger and fatigue are significant factors. The food was delicious, though, so it was worth the struggle.



We’ve managed to create 85 different design ideas for our challenge. Now we have to narrow down our options to just one.



Needless to say, this resulted in a few heated discussions.



We have a winner! The colored stickers have spoken; now, meet R.A.L.P.H., our innovative idea and your future personal assistant.


We now move on to the prototype phase. We’ve decided to make ours out of cardboard, construction paper, and all the tape we can get our hands on.



R.A.L.P.H. has finally come to life. Alas, we have something concrete and tangible with which to portray our idea.



We now have ventured off into the uncharted waters of marketing. As an engineer, I had never heard of the business model, let alone its valued role in the making of a product. Luckily, mini-R.A.L.P.H. is here to help us out.



 We are now in the final steps of our design journey. All that is left now is to add the final touches to our presentation and sell R.A.L.P.H. to the judges. Hopefully, they’ll have as much fun with it as I had bringing it to life with the help of the most awesome team ever. This has been, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience.


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