NVDE at Expo Ideas 2016

As part of the many different innovation initiatives the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Campus, this past April 28th the students in the NVDE program were part of this semester’s Expo Ideas event. Expo Ideas is an event held every semester within the campus grounds, in which students who aim to become future business owners, are able to interact with the public and potential investors in order to obtain actual feedback. Seeing that this activity is perfectly aligned with the objectives of the NVDE program, the students were encouraged to participate and present their innovative projects at this event.

Some of the students said that the experience helped them validate the ideas that they were developing and also take into consideration different aspects of their projects that were not in their immediate purview. They also mentioned that people who were very interested in the product, gave their information so that they could be contacted when the product was ready for sale.

Overall the Expo Ideas experience was definitely invaluable for the students because it allowed them to interact with their possible consumers and investors and it also proved to be a great feedback medium.

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