26 Marzo 2014

Understanding again

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Well today i learned that there are other ways of testing a oprogram. I thought the only way to test a program was using the compiler and reading the errors but seems not.  Although its a little tedious because you have to do so much testing that you might get lost while doing what you were doing.  What I would love to understand is, whats the purpose of it because why would you test in the same program since the compiler is the one that is supposed to do the job for you.


cout << “iḿ out”;

20 Marzo 2014

Few days after the exam…

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Well, i have to admit that after the professor gave the test grade.. i was dissapointed because I didnt expect that… Yeah, i’ve missed three classes because i’m too dissapointed… I’ll go tomorrow because i know i cannot give up this early.

6 Marzo 2014

Before the exam and in the exam..

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Before the exam I had to admit that my knowledge about c++ was minimal.. the professor asked for doubts and since no one raised their hand well… I was not going to  be the only one… but after that monday I got like a brainstorm.  I started to read the book non-stop and suddenly my knowledge about C++ had raised.  At the day of the exam I felt super ready.. but the first exersise killed me… WTF!! I made a mistake in the first one.. with PEN!!!!!! I hope the professor understood.  But I guess everthing else was okay  :)

24 Febrero 2014

Nested if-else

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well this material is very similar to the one i am taking in SICI3051…

Breaks-  very intresting, its like an if-else statement.

21 Febrero 2014

Alignment of functions

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Well this is kind of familiar because i;m taking more or less the same material in SICI3051… its a little different but its basically the same concept.  Obviously we dont use emacs there, wich is the only thing different.


Weird, i turned off the computer on friday and now it finished posting this post :)

19 Febrero 2014

lab 3…

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seems were done with chapter two.  Loops are getting me crazy, i need to understand them because they are a little difficult to understand.  Probably im going to read the book a couple of times.  And wow, didnt knew I could write comments in a program with the // and more fun… to know that its mostly unusful because it would be a logic thing.  But not the comments at the begginning because thats basically the information of the programmer.


cout << “lets go to chapter 3″

cin >> chapter3

18 Febrero 2014

hmmm tuesday.. monday day :)

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Well i have to be honest… today was a little weird because I could really understand the PP…Thank God because I was getting a little worried hehe, maybe I wasnt learning anything but I really am learning.  Today  I typed the beginging of a C++ program without copying it from the lab or anything.. which is what i used to do.

Now… to read the c++ book    :)   I am starting to like this class..

29 Enero 2014

Hola Blogs…

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Eh, this is a late post but right now I just got my C++ book and i’m reading the chapters because I want to understand more the class.  Maybe i’m not so intelligent in these things but i’m willing to learn!! so yeah..
cout <<”Let’s go!”;

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